which gives a better return?

Obviously it has to be equity used to buy RE…correct?

well look at Hdfc..it captures the middle class dream does it not?

if India gets prosperous people will buy homes…bigger homes…bigger loans…so who benefits? Hdfc.

Who knows this? Hdfc

Many people in the top have a significant portfolio but no own house….LOL



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  1. Am not very bullish on real estate at this point of time. But I still think as compared to equity, the ROI on real estate is far more for the simple reason that there’s hardly any time that you spend on real estate. Ever since i rented out my apartment back in 2011, I have hardly spent any time on it so thats an additional reason why I am happy with that investment.

    By the way, I am in equity as well but then I enjoy reading about business and I am reasonably comfortable with volatility. But then I end up spending a lot of time on it. Even if its mutual funds, I am still tempted to keep looking at how the fund is performing. But my apartment ( that’s giving me a rental income as well ) is something I don’t really have to worry about.

    So i believe there are benefits in both RE and equity but it may not be wise to have all your money only in equity.

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