If you think the marriage pressure is only on girls, you are sadly mistaken!! There is a lot of pressure on boys too.

Even when a boy is “in love” and wants to marry a girl of his choice the following demands are pretty normal:

– Why do you not buy a house of your own?

– How long will you stay with your parents?

– See staying with your parents is fine, but they have just a 1bhk how can you live in such a small place?

– You have a motorcycle? Is it not dangerous? Can you not afford a car?

– Why do you not take up a foreign assignment – that way both of you can live alone!!

– Is your salary not too low? My nephew is in “Wxdrf” and he is almost on double of this salary.

– You are paying the EMI of this house, but there is not enough space for all the 4 of you. You must do something about it.

– Now you are staying in this house…will your father give to you or will it have to be shared with her?

– Both you and your father are paying the EMI and the house is in joint names…but what happens to your dad’s portion of the amount paid? Will your siblings come for a share?

-Why are you spending so much on the repairs of this house? You are not sure whether you will inherit this house.


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  1. Nice and fair questions. Answers should bring out ‘financial character’ of the groom. When my daughter brings a potential suitor, will definitely ask these to the boy , based on relevance.

    Cheers, Indra

  2. So true Sir, after all this if something is left over lets think of falling in love..
    Inlaw: u invest in Share market..!!?? Why do u gamble with money..

  3. While I was searching for bride…

    One girl just returned from onsite…

    Her first question was: When are you buying flat in Bangalore?

    My reply: If your dad pay the EMI, I can make only down-payment of Rs. 2Lakhs…

    She said she couldn’t understand… I repeated my answer… She went blank….

    Had good tea, bhajji at her house and left 🙂

  4. In past, bride party was saying dowary means buying the groom … now is all these can any one say they are selling daughter..??

  5. Subra,

    I have read/heard about potential inlaws being very demanding of the boys. How times have changed! And more so in my community. 20 years too late I say!

  6. May be time reversed cause grooms become liberal… and bride side becomes demanding side.. Supply is less than demand..LOL

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