Guys (and girls) when you get into a marriage be careful about your money. Currently the odds are in favor of the women. Totally.

So if a man leaves Rs. 20 crores to his son, his son’s wife (ex wife) can ask for half of that within one year of marriage. Talk about money, ring fence your property, women take care of your jewellery…life is not so simple after all…

Many marriages are ending in trouble and on the careful. Collect video evidence that the gifts from the girls house are coming voluntarily (if in doubt take it in writing). Record a lot of evidence about girl being happy, keep it in your records.

Make sure that doctors reports are preserved, and there are no self inflicted wounds…

Serious not joking. Now I know 3 boys going through very tough times – rich boys girls reasonably well ย off but asking for 9 digit settlements…

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  1. Yes,
    It is True, BUT a 1000 times over,many girls are sent out of in laws home after a divorce, with just their clothes on.
    No jewelry gifted by their parents is returned. The money gifted to in laws is not returned.The amount she spent on her non working husband not returned.
    The work she did in the in laws house for free, as they fired the maid because they got a new DIL. It is not paid back.
    Tell these Girls FIRST, how to save themselves.
    then save the boys.

  2. @Raj: It is not a question of tell whom first. Enough material I available on print and media telling girls what to do. Just because it happens to girls does not mean we should ignore adverse things that happen to men. Both are instances of one spouse treated unfairly. You cant use negatives to justify negatives. Plus do keep in mind inlaws include men and women. Mother in laws torture daughter in laws and father in laws torture son in laws and vice versa.( men and women will exploit other men and women if they have low moral scruples and believe that they can get away with it) The issue here is that in many cases law is not enforced leading to daughters in law being shortchanged and in other cases law being misused leading to son in laws being shortchanged. Both need to be curbed.

  3. Totally agree Subra. As mentioned in, 90% of the dowry/harassment related cases girls file are found false.

    On top if it, Govt is trying to introduce a new bill – IrRetrievable Breakdown of Marriage (IrBM), with which girl can walk away with atleast 50% of husband’s property PLUS 50% of INHERITED AND INHERITABLE property – more details at This is ridiculous, as duration of marital life and contribution of wife to assets is not considered at all. As you rightly pointed out, its already a woman’s world; and such laws will only make it even worse!!


  4. Hi Subra – Is a pre-nuptial agreement permitted under Indian law? Don’t know hence asking…

    Thanks, Indra

  5. @Chaitanya: You said it right when you said it’s a woman’s world. And why shouldn’t it be? Pls take into account the mental torture(that can lead to physical), the taunts and the negativity a daughter in law needs to face and suffer when she steps into her husband’s family for the major portion of her married life. Considering the silent suffering she goes through, don’t you think the law should be fair as well?

    Plus I didn’t state the physical and mental stress she has to face during pregnancy and after child birth. And finally if she continues to work after the baby is born, she also has to confront and justify her decisions to everyone, including the in laws. Now tell me why it shouldn’t be the woman’s world? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This is indeed a contentious issue.
    Many a times, constitution tries to protect the suppressed (for right reasons), but there is a tipping point when the suppressed are not suppressed anymore. eg: quotas for classes BC, SC/ST etc. There was a reason for allocating quotas, but there is no mechanism to determine if the society has become equal or not.
    In other words, who can determine if a particular law has lost its relevance?

  7. I did a quick and dirty research, and the opinions seem to be that pre-nup agreements are valid under Indian Contract law, but not under Indian marriage laws. So I’m not sure what will the courts uphold in case there are disputes in a divorce.

    subra, need more insights on what instruments are available for Parents to ‘ring-fence’ their money that they pass on to their son(s) against such predatory divorce suits.

  8. thanks Lucky oye .
    I also have similar questions. How to ring fence the money to protect it from idiots/sadists and predatory in-laws?

  9. @ Nivedita,

    Com’mon, which woman these days is stepping into husband’s “family” – wives asks husband to live separately from his parents and take a house only for herself and husband.

    If woman chooses to have baby, to work after pregnancy, its her choice. Women make the choices they want and say as if they were forced upon them. As Deepika Padukone said in #MyChoice video, its woman’s choice whether she wants to have sex before marriage or after marriage or outside marriage and she justifies it as “women empowerment”.

    As you said “the law should be fair as well?” – I’m saying exactly the same – laws are currently biased towards women, but they should be made fair ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you know how many laws currently favor women only? Examples I mentioned above, seems you havent read/understood those in the links I provided above.

    – Chaitanya

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