Some interesting views / quotes / observations about equity:

1. In the long run equity markets go up: Exactly why 100 of 1979 became 30,000 of 2015. The way the common man talks you feel it ALWAYS goes down. Laugh. Real loud.

2. Equity is under-owned because the common man feels that equity is risky. Normally such people do not understand compounding, inflation, or real return.

3. Equity markets are cyclical, and Volatile. This scares the common man.

4. Every year the Indian markets have given about 19% p.a. This is awesome. It also means every month the market gives about 1.5% per month. Seriously it is for you to capture that.

5. Money can be made – sometimes even with luck, but wealth HAS TO BE created. And it is a simple, but a bloody tough job.

6. All people know that they can get 8% in PPF, but in equities they have no rational expectation nor time frame. If I tell them you will get 12% over a 15 year period, THEY ARE AGHAST.

7. Most people have no clue how much their monthly investment will become if they did a SIP which grew at say 14% over 20 years. Or even better 19% over 36 years.

8. Dividends are brilliant sitting fees. Learn to sit tight and earn this money.

9. The single best time to have bought shares would have been when the world was coming out of depression. Circa 1940. Or in 2009 just after the crash. Heard some such brilliant stories. If your grand father, father or siblings DID NOT DO IT, hey dude do it now.

10. If you see the kind of experts recommending Silverline, Crest Animation, etc. YOU will be shocked..

11. There are no extra points for selecting tough scrips to buy. Makes no sense…



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  1. to split hairs or nit pick…

    These are observations or empirical evidences as opposed to being postulates or theorems

    and you QED a proof not bunch of observations 🙂

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