First of all let me tell you that I have medical insurance. I have no clue whether it will pay, how much it will pay, on what basis will the calculation will be made….literally NOTHING.

Why do I still have a policy? because it keeps my mind calm.

Why do Indians not like it?

1. It is too complicated: You may or may not believe it, but most of us cannot understand the language of a medical policy.

2. The mathematical calculation of how you will be paid a claim is very difficult to believe or comprehend.

3. Most people think “I have a company policy” and that is sufficient – this is obviously because they do not understand risk.

4. If you have a policy for Rs. 500,000 and you incur Rs. 300, 000 as expenses you think you will get paid…right? Wrong. You will be shocked to find a) room rental restrictions b) proportionate cutting of the over all bill and c) disallowed will be lucky if you get more than Rs. 250,000. And I am being optimistic…

5. A lot of expenses are unecessarily added on by some of the hospitals….thus the default option is mis trust….


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  1. While buying term insurance I took guidance from this website whether to choose riders or not and clear answer given by Subra sir was not to buy. Now I am planning to buy Health Insurance and with all my research in this context I have concluded that it is just too complicated and too many terms and conditions are there.

    Need guidance on whether to buy from PSUs or Standalone health insurance and to buy online or using brokers? Further, individual or family floater?
    My background – 23 year old middle class; qualification – CA (insurance cover – 5 lakh??)

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