The market is in a nice bull run. Or so it seems. Over the past 1 year the index has doubled. Your portfolio may have done something like that. If you had Procter & Gamble, Colgate, and Gillette, it would have done even better. If you had traded in those shares it would have been even better. Be that as it may, I have no clue about one thing: Are we at the beginning of a bull run or at the end of one.

So many years experience has taught me that NOBODY knows what can happen or cannot happen in the markets. If you are tempted to remove some money from the markets and keep it away ‘safely’ to buy later, I have only only simple advice: do not.

Only thing all of us market pundits put together can tell you is :WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT 2015 OR 2016 WILL bring. No clue at all.

If you are 90% in equities (like some of us jokers are) and wish to take some money off the table, yes it makes sense. However if you are 30% in equities, do not monkey around with your asset allocation. If you are so scared, get out of some pure equity schemes like Hdfc Top 200 and get into Hdfc Prudence. Or from Icici Pru Discovery and put it in I Pru Dynamic – and allow the fund manager to take a market timing call. If your goals are 8-10 years ago, continue doing your SIPs, – dull and boring, but makes wealth for you.

The people I know in the equity market are more interested in looking for outstanding companies. These companies have an excellent track record of generating cash. They have excellent RoCe, RoNw, high pe (they will not be cheap, sorry they will never be cheap),

Either build your own equity portfolio or leave it to the fund managers. Then relax.


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