There is a huge problem with personal finance and the media. Beyond 100 pages, there is nothing to write. Dilbert says beyond 140 words there is nothing to write. That is like a tweet.

Now the problem with sports is the same. There is a limit to what you can say, write, tweet, exclaim…so the same old things continue.

Now, the best thing to do is to get the experts like Sunil Gavaskar (MA English literature liberally spiced with upper caste Dadar Marathi), Ravi Shankar Shastri (now he considers himself a strategist), Dilip Vengsarkar (wow what luck) and the latest Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (SRT).

Sadly he has nothing to say either. Not even the God of Indian cricket has anything to say. Fair enough.

How mean of my friend Dinesh Gopalan to have dissected his article and tell us ‘he says nothing’. I am not that cruel. I do not do it so cruelly. There are so many NOTHING articles in personal finance (especially written by people to attract people to buy things)….sigh. Read on…Hey Dinesh…

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