We are amazing human beings. Let me write about some of our inconsistencies:

1. When we choose the highest paying job / assignment job that we can find, we are being smart.

When a cricketer chooses whether to play for the country or for a club, he is being unpatriotic.

2. We never go back to our school or college to give back something.

When Sachin does not go to the nets to talk to the boys, he is selfish.

3.  When we achieve 50% of our target, conditions are tough.

When the Indian team reaches the semifinals, they did not try hard enough.

4.  When we do not achieve our pre set goals, our product was wrong, our companies strategy was stupid, we had lousy products

When Dhoni does not reach a particular goal, he is corrupt, lazy, has poor attitude,….

5.  When a kid is born in our house, we can take PL, SL, Paternity leave, etc. etc.

Dhoni is paid so much money so he need not be with his wife when she had a baby.

6.  When Virat Kohli scores a hundred he is a hero.

When Virat fails, it is all Anushka Sharma’s fault.

Wake up India, it was just a game.

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  1. Author’s energy, time and intellect as well as ours could have been better used posting or reading other topics than silly things like indian cricket

  2. in 2016 when you see who is the person with the highest number of comments, it has to be moron.

    sorry i used only his first name, and not the family name. Accidents do happen. His name is so nice, so appropriate. I love the fact that he comments on every post. Subra he could be your self appointed copy editor.

  3. agreed Subra – a total waste of time! In the end there was no money gained or lost by the spectators or so called fans

    chuckle chuckle 🙂

  4. MoronBuffett, no body forced you to read the complete post and waste 60 seconds of your life.

    Also, by writing two comments, you wasted another 4 minutes in between. So you wasted 240 seconds worrying about that 60 seconds. What a Moron!!

  5. I think we are missing the point here.
    The point is : It is easier to say that do things dispassionately, but most of us are motivated by self interest (a powerful force). In investments too, a dispassionate analysis is not always feasible and one is bound to make mistakes in the stocks one ‘loves’ most.

  6. @Balaji, I believe you may have misread or misinterpreted the intention of this article.

    This article talks more about the yardsticks we use to measure self versus others’ performances in all walks of life. Sometimes in life, we (definitely me) are guilty of not adopting the scale of measure to gauge every one.

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