I do not know whether what I am about to say is in the Upanishads or the vedas! I am placing this caveat because these days the source of all wisdom seems to be the vedas. However, in his column Robin Sharma (yes, yes the same Monk …guy) has said that there are seven forms of wealth. They are:

Inner wealth: a positive mindset – I fully agree that a person who has a high self esteem, self respect, internal peace, and a radiance that comes from within.

Physical wealth: Looking after your health is as important as looking after your wealth. There is one big fat Indian investor icon – and he talks of the long run. When you look at him, you wonder about his health. He is surely going to be around only for the short term!!

Family and social wealth: To be happy, your family surroundings, your relationships, etc. have to be happy.

Career wealth: Being successful in your career, being recognized by your colleagues, industry peers, etc. is a big part of self-actualization. When people like my dad spent 37 years with ONE company and he was called “Advani-Visvanath” (Advani Oerlikon being the company he worked for), surely it was self actualization.

Economic Wealth: Money! Need I say anything more!!?

Adventure wealth: having your need for mystery fulfilled is also an important aspiration. That is adventure wealth.


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  1. it is age old tradition all elders atleast in south india bless the young saying get 16 types of wealth and live well. (padhinaaru petru peru vaazhvu vaazhga)

    it is not getting 16 children

    they are (translated)

    3. Mental Courage and strength
    4.Victory over vices
    7.Precious metals like gold silver gemstones
    9.Happiness with family friends and surrounding
    10.Eternal Bliss
    13.High level of thinking
    15.Good Health
    16.Long life

  2. even thin people can have high cholesterol.. its more about being physically active, eating right and regular preventive care visits.. externally you may not satisfy everyone’s parameter for health!!

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