Men are bad in shopping, and even in making the payment. Let us look at how we MAY be getting ripped off because of our negligence:

1. NOBODY, nobody, nobody is more interested in making sure that we get paid our salary on time and without a mistake. Keep an eye on the pay stubs / pdf pay slips every month. Companies make mistakes (hey it is your pal out there) and these mistakes should be corrected immediately. Especially if the company does not have a robust HR system in place, this becomes more important.

2. Check your Mall receipts. The kids at the counter are not trained too well, so  mistakes could happen. The pricing on the receipt happens by coding – so a cheaper biscuit could be priced like a more expensive one. A biscuit may not materially alter your bill but add a few mistakes here and there an hey! you could be down by a couple of thousand bucks in a year. At least do a test check or keep a hawks eye on the counter when he/she is billing. Also be concerned about double swipes. Unintended perhaps, but not unbilled!

3. Check your credit card statements and bank statements: Banksters is not a name that they got just like that!! be careful and keep a hawks eye on the amounts debited. Look for hidden charges, etc. Be alert.

4. Check your mutual fund statements: a friend was told that his cheque had actually bounced!! he had to go to his bank and find the details..and get back 4 years of past data. So fund houses routinely make mistakes and YOU are expected to pick the tab. Be careful. The life insurance company, the health company…all of them need proper attention.

5. Your broker’s volatility could be hurting you: So make a static portfolio…and find out at the end of the year if you had done NOTHING would you have had more money (assuming you did not put in any money during the year) …or see how much charges are you paying for every rupee of profit that you make….



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  1. this post is like a bad movie. story no way connected to title

    “a successful man is one who can earn more than his wife can spend.
    a successful woman is one who actually marries such a man” – japanese proverb

  2. Sir,

    On this point
    5. Your broker’s volatility could be hurting you..
    is there a chance for a separate article on this ?


  3. Pragmatic, Subra. Thanks.


    Its not really necessary & I doubt helpful, but still 🙂

    show some sanity, man. Look at the crux, take it if you like, leave it if you dont. You seem to be hell bent on justifying the prefix of your name ! why create such a ruckus. Grow up.

  4. On title issue,either u r unmarried or …

    “Samajhne waale samajh gaye, na samjhe,
    na samjhe woh ….. hai”

  5. Thanks for the reminder. Agreed my wife used to keep a tab on all thebills we pay. And reminds me. Yes you are right .sometimes laziness picks in itself to check the complete bank statements . mutual funds statement and to check payslip every month. It helped

  6. Subra,

    Reading the above comments, I think you got very loyal fans. Even pointing out a mistake, your fans cannot tolerate. 🙂


  7. I completely agree on wives being smarter. There was an instance in Hypercity where one item was over charged by 200 rs but with bill running into couple of thousands it was easy to miss which I did. My wife reconciled it and got it corrected immediately 🙂

    Agree that the title and content have no relation & ts a fact.

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