Long ago one man named Sushil Kumar won Rs. 5 crores in the KBC (2011) – and I wrote this piece


then I wrote another piece too


today one reader says this:

Article about – Sushil Kumar, KBC winner “Fickle fame: The ‘jobless’ KBC winner with little cash” – http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/fickle-fame-the-jobless-kbc-winner-with-little-cash/article1-1313778.aspx

Reading your blog for past 3 years and first thing while reading above article I remembered was your following article –


Unfortunately, its so accurate

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  1. Only if he cared to read subramoney at time he won the money.. I might not agree on many things with you but the best part I agree with is invest and invest more specially in Mutual funds when one has a history of pathetic returns .. People cannot lie to themselves 🙂

  2. Subra – All of the predictions you made three years back came true.
    All of them.
    You truly understand human (especially Indian) behavior.

    Your blog not only makes smart people richer – but (more importantly) wiser.


  3. Life has come to full circle for the winner…..

    Thanx for being there, to Shout/Threaten/Push me in ‘Right’ direction with money 🙂

  4. OMG ! This was my first reaction after readning that news in hindustan times.

    Unfortunately he did all those mistakes Subra mentioned in his earlier post to not to do..It is very difficult to make people understand. Poor fellow.

  5. The bitter truth is, Subramoney has still not reached to the millions of people living in our villages.
    Leave alone villages I doubt whether your readers take your teachings seriously.

  6. What a foresight Subra. Hats off.

    He is not first winner who got large sum of money gone bankrupt. Several examples all over the world.

    It is extremely dangerous if the world get to know about winning big sum. Family, relatives, neighbors and even villagers or workers building the house would pour lot of pep stories and try every trick to get their hand on your money.

    Guess most of them yield. Discipline scores over everything to manage loads of money.

  7. @ surya..why villagers? Ask any of the colleagues or friends about their investments,spending etc.endowment,money back,LIC,rush to buy at year end,underinsured,love to spend,loan to buy TV(do you believe?)… List can go on and on.

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