Mr. Sushil Kumar has just won Rs. 5 crores (R -s. 50 Million) on the KBC – Kaun Banega Crorepati! (for those who do not know, this is the Indian version of Who wants to be a Millionaire).

Let us see how it can help Mr. Sushil Kumar in his life. He is currently a school teacher earning Rs. 6000 per month – a post graduate in philosophy and an IAS aspirant! He will first of all not receive Rs. 5 crores, but about Rs. 3.5 crores (after tax). Even in his small village there will be a lot of people chasing him – investment consultants so to say. So there will be a pull as follows:

Elder brother – wanting to set up his own business

Younger brother – wanting to quit his ‘piddly’ Rs. 1500 per month job – and he will want to start a new business too 🙂

Sushil Kumar himself will leave his job so that he can sit at home and ‘study’ for his IAS exam.

His parents will want a nice big house – befitting the ‘crorepati’ son’s status

LIC agents, mutual fund agents, bank managers, other life insurance companies, pension providers, brokerage houses, banks.

Frankly it will be interesting to track his life over the next 10 years on a year to year basis to see how much this money is scaring him, helping him, torturing him, helping him in meeting his goals, etc.

Sadly along with a big amount of money GOD does not give ‘financial wisdom’ – not even the wisdom of knowing that he needs unbiased financial advise. Sad. I am not able to rejoice in his success. I can see tomorrow.

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  1. Kaiyil Konjam Kaasu irundal.. Neethan Atharku Yejamanan..Kaluthu varaikkum Kaasu irundal.. Athuthan unakku Yejamanan..(Tamil Song..)

  2. Subra sir
    Exactly the same feelings I was having since last 1 week when I heard about the win. I would also confess that I was jealous too (I think most of us were!!). One good advise for him: I would ask him to read your blogs. He shall atleast understand what not to do with his money.

    I also feel there will be many people like goondas and others after him also. His life may become miserable.

    Dr Kishan

  3. Dr Kishan,

    i was not jealous at all :-). In life one gets what one deserves – we think we deserve more.

    One has to see what this man is doing in 2021.

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