It is Feb and you are already lax about your health and wealth goals, right?

It happens.

How do you make the resolutions work day after day, month after month….? It is not easy, but let us try the following steps:

1. Stop criticising yourself, but do not get too complacent.

2. Tell yourself it is ok to slip up on goals and reach a lesser target – it is much better than giving up totally.

3. Make a list of your goals once again…and PRIORITIZE the goals. NOW. See which is more important…

4. Pick up the top three goals. Identify the next steps to achieve the same. START WORK ON THAT NOW.

5. Drop everything else…and work on these top 3 goals, immediately.

6. Proritize, recommit, go about achieving the goals. Simple, ain’t it?

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  1. I took Resolution for Health as ” Quit Drinking” and “Smile at a Stranger everyday” – (second one courtesy: Subramoney). So Far continuing.
    Financial Resolution: reduce Debt instrument and have more exposure to equity instrument. But PPF+EPF+VPF beating me…..what can i do? I am not fan of ELSS, but my SIP is going on other funds.

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