Every person carries some financial worries or burdens, here is a list of such worries that I notice:

1. My husband handles all the money and I do not know what is happening: very common among women who want to participate in the action. Sensible too, but does not always happen. Sigh.

2. My wife does not pay attention at all about our finances: far more common than the first complaint…but does exist.

3. I am not sure that I will ever be debt free – so I will have to work till I drop dead.

4. Me and my wife shop till we drop dead, how will this impact out goals?

5. I often talk about making a will, but have done nothing about it.

6. My parents may move in anytime, and I am not financially prepared.

7. I have no clue how will I pay for college tuition fee, forget paying for my daughter’s wedding.

8. Retirement? You got to be joking, I am sure. I am just 42….and have about 20 years to go.

9. I am paying 2 emis – one for the current house and one for a house I bought in the outskirts last year. My EMI will last till my age of 54…by then I will be debt free except of course if I buy a new car…

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