Let us look at some more lies that we tell ourselves:

1. I had to go to a wedding…and had to over eat.

View: Complete lie. Even at a wedding there is a huge range of simple food – daal rice for example. We over eat because WE CHOOSE TO OVEREAT, not just because somebody asks us to. Between idli and samosa if you choose samosa..why blame the caterer? See how this applies to being ‘popular’ and ‘exciting’ while you invest.

2. You sold short when you realized that AK of  the 49 fame will come to power. The market actually went up. It is NONE of your financial business about who is the CM of Delhi. Or the PM of India. Or the president of the USA.

3. Aam dani attani, kharcha rupaiya: Collectively your family spends / plans to spend a rupee more than you earn. All the best for your investing efforts.

4. Your daughter has just got a job with a CTC of Rs. 4.5 lakhs. She claims she will fund her ‘grand marriage’. The estimated costs as of today is Rs. 40L.

View: What should you be telling her? At this net take home, it will take you a decade to put together the amount required. Stop pretending 🙂

5. Simple lack of understanding of volatility, patience, compounding and inflation is hurting you much more than NOT understanding QE, Obama’s medicare, Modi’s inaction, Jaitely’s budget…et al.

6. If your definition of long term is ’till the next recession’ – you need time watching skills. Get yourself a new ‘watch’. Pun intended.

7. You are amazingly certain of the forthcoming budget, oil prices, gold futures, and of course the sensex. However you have no clue on how much you need to invest for your goals. God bless.

8. You cannot predict markets. You have never been able to. However this does not stop you from trying again.

9. Even if you got the market right last time, you did not know what to do with it. You got the market right, sector right, and the company right. Dammit, you did not buy any shares 🙂

10. When Subramoney.com says buy a house with a 45% down payment, you laugh. Then you watch some business channel and get very upset that Jaitely runs a deficit budget. Look within.

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