If you run a personal finance blog…somewhere it goes into areas which look peripheral to most people…like:


financial behaviour


good food

good health

why? because good food and good health are good economics. Good economics is sensible personal finance. So you will find occassional posts on food, exercise, etc…here is a shocking news..perhaps inconclusive…but important for people to know what CAN happen…




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  1. Dear Subra,

    your posts are excellent. you dont need to “dramatize”the headlines like you have done here….your fans (like me) will any way real ALL your posts….

  2. Invercargill is a very beautiful part of NZ. Please visit it and enjoy. Visit Queenstown & Milford Sound. I have enjoyed this part the most. Very good Bluff Oysters come from the cold waters.

  3. not sure why you want to term it inconclusive.drinking 11 litres of cola per day is no different from signing your own death warrant.
    moderation in everything should remain the golden rule of life.
    making coca cola stick new warning labels (as the NZ authorities will now insist) will not make people with weak will power and low ability to delay gratification better off.

  4. i have no doubt that she had a mental illness too…11 litres of anything is bad – forget Cola 🙂 any way my consumption of this sweet sick syrup is about half a bottle IN A YEAR….

  5. There are some people who do not fit in the society. The society also does not accept them. These people find comfort in some odd thing. This is not a behaviour of a normal person. I can not think of any reason a normal person from that part of the world will resort to such habits.

    This part is colonised by mainly Scotish desent immigrants. Farming is the main occupation. peopl are very hard working and well off. It is a very beautiful countryside. All green pastures and snow clad mountains. Some of the best scenes in Lord of the rings were shot there. Dunedin is another city in the same locality.

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