It is customary for magazines, blogs, television channels….to start writing about investment resolutions for 2013. So the month of December is about thinking of what resolutions to make.

I am not sure what the others do, but for me this is really easy. Go to 2008, 9, 10…12 and cut and paste. Not that I cannot write something new – but if many of us have to still apply the 2008 resolutions…why make new ones?

So here are all the links….and you see how unimplemented they are…so go on JUST DO IT!

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  1. Just read resolution for 2011,I have been following them but didn’t get this one:
    5. I will not change jobs just to get a higher salary…
    If you can clarify it

  2. Change jobs ONLY for better quality work, especially if you are young. Salary has an amazing way of catching up if you concentrate on good quality of work.

  3. Last point in 2008 link is scary but true…. i have been telling my friends and no body is believeing. simply see the debts on municipal corporations, states, countries……. etc and you will know…. the situation is worse tahn we all think…..

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