When Nanda’s grandson was involved in the famous (infamous?) BMW case, Nanda was rumored to have spent upwards of Rs. 7 crores. As a person who has seen 4-5 cases go to the supreme court, I can believe this figure. Recently I heard of a Senior Lawyer charging Rs. 25 lakhs for a 2 day hearing. Even for a person who has heard of high fees this came as a sting. (to put things in perspective the CJ gets a salary of Rs. 12 L for a YEAR).

Now this holy retired DGP Rathore has completed his case – he is rumored to have spent Rs. 10 lakhs.

Now having seen very senior government servants at home (they could not even afford proper shoes, but then they were honest!) as well as seeing senior bu’crats playing golf as a hobby…one knows that standards have been diluted!

Is there some young (Ritukant sun raha hai?) who will take the trouble to see how much some of these s.o.bs are spending on litigation?

Rathore and Nanda are just 2 names. We all know what is their salary….now the question is from where did this money come? Also only if you know these guys really close will they take up your case (forget just the money)…so how did this happen?

I do not have the resources, ability or time to do a detailed story..but each of these b’crats seems to have spent tons of money.

-where did the money come from?

– did it come from a declared source?

-did the ITO verify the expenses..and did he do a proper scrutiny of the accounts for that period.

-how many lawyers were used (it is kinda difficult to find the lawyers who got a negative brief)

I think it would make a great story. I can only imagine Indian Express doing it…:-)

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  1. subra,
    what will you say about the above ad of iFOREX that claims turning rs. 10000 to rs.55000 in 5 days. is it not a prank.

  2. Why would Shekhar Gupta investigate a system of which he is a principal beneficiary? Anybody who can run a story alleging an Indian army general is planning a coup cannot demonstrate a greater affection for governmental foot wear !
    To expect the media to ‘investigate’ anything is like asking butcher to have compassion,

  3. why are you saying butchers do not have compassion? Many butchers do have a dog as a pet. Carnism: why we love dogs, eat sheep, and wear cow? selective carnivores.

  4. well no prizes for guessing where these top generals and bureaucrats got the money form. There were crores made and are still being made in government contracts,schemes etc. and as the political masters of these people are also involved it is a win win situation for everybody except the poor tax paying public.
    The only thing politicians of every hue are concerned with is getting to the seat of power and then clinging on to it for the maximum possible time everything else is secondary & the elections every 5 years are only a minor hiccups which are cured by spending a part of the ill gotten wealth among the ignorant vote banks and then this vicious cycle continues.
    The last resort which is the judiciary also is made redundant by the time taken to finish the cases where again the money helps in prolonging matters.Just look at the number of cases involving politicians coming to any sort of conclusion till the person is alive.Not one!
    God help those who think we live in a civilized, democratic country.

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