as the world moves towards more and more of insurance, it will mean more paperwork for doctors.Frankly too may doctors I know are NOT KEEN at all that their kids take to their same profession…..

So in the future doctors will be increasingly ’employed’ with a hospital (including GP practice that Apollo is setting up). Though this sounds good, it will mean just a job for a doc. This will frustrate him….and in case u have some complaints, he will refer you to a ‘customer relations executive’ who will deal with you.

doctors will be able to work 9-5, and then shrug! So called ‘Quality’ will improve, but docs will feel less RESPONSIBLE. This actually will lead to FRUSTRATION.

Also as there is more and more mechanisation and insurance, docs will have to do tons of paperwork….

As a country we will have a lot of doctors, but the chances are that the people may NOT want to do such a difficult job…so the supply of doctors will increase, but the smart ones will not do medicine….Sad.

So what will they do? Simple seek a job in a good bank…the most profitable business in India. Any risk in banking? yes. Regulator risk.


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  1. Hello Sir,

    Dont you think same is gonna happen for CAs or other professionals you think Doctors will be specifically affected more than others?

  2. Hi Sir,
    I doubt this scenario will happen to India atleast in the next 20 years. The reason is in India we have lot of illiterates when it comes to their health and knowledge of their body works. So if a doctor says sir you need a operation which cost 5 lakhs. The only question the patient ask is whether do you accept cash or card.

    Also since lot of people are coming to the middle class criteria there is large scope for the doctors to practise separately. Even if they are employed in hospitals as usual they will have their own clinic.

    Shankar Raju

  3. pooja ramakrishnan

    Shankar Raju

    which world are you in Sir? There are at least 4-5 such DENTIST AND OPTHAL groups now in Chennai alone (let us assume another 10 all over India?). Obviously some will have national ambitions, some international and some local. A few people will create a local noise so that they are taken over by the national players wanting a bigger presence…

    If you are a dentitst AGED 25 years, you should join them…if you are say 50, they will approach you for sure.

    Agree with Subra, wake up doctors, smell the coffee.

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