I really cannot say why I run this blog. But here the following are NOT the reasons:

1. I have no retail product other than this blog (and the ad revenues are so pathetic that I will not miss it if it goes away).

2. Dealing with retail is very, very, very tough for people like me because my solutions are too simple. In fact people may not appreciate the simple solution – they may think it is simplistic. I am not sure.

3. I hesitate before advising, and before I advise I need tons of data – this is a tough situation. I find pricing such a task very, very tough to handle.

4. My broker is not interested in new business, so his contact details WILL NEVER APPEAR on this blog, sorry.

5. One sure way how you can thank me is buying ALL your books through flipkart.com (obviously going to flipkart through subramoney.com) – whichever book or goods you buy I get a commission – just good governance of full disclosure.

6. Many people do write in, call up, take advice. Some offer to pay, some do not make that token offer.

7. I am bad (terrible) at replying to mails. However if you have sent me a mail at subramoney.rich@gmail.com and have not got a reply pls mail me again. Some of those mails were lost…so it is possible I have not seen it.

8. People who need advise need to help me with a lot more data. Asking ‘Is Hindalco a good share?’ – leaves me puzzled..


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  1. Subra By Your Inputs you are guiding millions of countrymen in variety of ways…to arrange finances ,To donate to genuine needies by contributing to genuine organizations ,to plan a proper education for children and proper retirement planning,to guide an old widow lady ,to make aware many of us on Buying Vs Renting and if buying ,to buy within our limits ,how many examples we should count …we are very very greatful to you.As your daughter ( Is she Mrunmayee ?) said once i think …you are father of many daughters ,Brother of Many people ,Sir of many people and we are greatful to god for that.God Bless You…

  2. I second that. Milind’s post needs a like button.

    Subrabhai, you have helped me clarify my own approach in my mind, helped me veer away from gratis gratuous advice, and stopped me from shooting my mouth when I shouldn’t venture in.

    And all the points above.

    ps- thanks for the mail id.

  3. Cent per cent agree with above comments, why do you need to clarify anything? Those serious readers who knows the invaluable writings of yours, deeply thankful to you and wish you will continue writing such to the point text forever.. already know such things and those who don’t understand doesn’t matter, right?

  4. Subra Sir

    I may skip a meal a day but not a peep at this blog for sure.

    First time i knew the flipcart purchase through the blog help :(. will follow from next time.

    Keep thinking loudly for lesser mortals like all your genuine followers of your blog.

  5. Same for me too Subra.

    My Real MBA started once I internalized your blogs and teachings… please keep the work going… a book on effective learning is highly awaited… courtesy your exposure to diversity!

  6. You have changed my life forever (mainly financial, but also some other life lessons). May God Bless you.
    (Mentally, life is already changed like anything. In terms of big visible financial returns, it will happen in say 10 years. I can wait, you taught me patience too !)

  7. Subra Please continue the good work, which i am sure you too are ar enjoying.

    All my book purchases will be from flipkart offcourse via subramoney.com

  8. Subra Sir,

    I have been visiting your site for last one year regularly(I do not usually comment). Thanks a lot for writing. It has helped me a lot.

  9. Dear Subra,
    Thank you for your valuable insights into the world of finance , charity and life in general. As a token of respect ( gurudakshina ), I have purchased my FIRST book online through Flipkart….no guesses which….”Retire Rich…..by yours truly.
    It is a pleasure to read your blog……do keep on forever

  10. Subraji, I bought your Retire Rich through here only but was not aware that it would support this blog by purchasing other books as well. Will definitely buy through this blog. Keep blogging as always.

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