for those of you tracking my running at Stanchart Mumbai Marathon – Scmm –

I did a time of 2:29:28…..for my HM


this is of course the nth time I am doing it..and presumably my best timing….remember 5 years ago there were no chips to use….




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  1. Great. Congrats.
    Why don’t you train with a target of sub 2h timing? It is possible. Most people will stop by the 15-18 km mark and start walking. If that can be avoided then it is possible.

    By the 15th km I go into a meditative phase where the only things I notice are by breath, the sound of my shoes striking the ground. You tend to forget the pain by then. And amazingly however tired I feel, the moment I see the finish line I sprint. Don’t know how that happens- second wind I guess.

    The toughest one is the Pondicherry trail run. The heat kills you but it is so refreshing running through the woods. Please try it if you haven’t.

  2. Subra Sir,

    That’s a great timing. The Olympics cut of time is 2:18:00 and the indian guy who won it was in 2 hrs 16 mins. Way to go.


  3. only one small problem Rakesh (and perhaps Vincent) – mine is HM..which is HALF MARATHON…you are talking about FM (full: 42km).

    I have no aspirations of running the full – let alone running it sub 3 hrs.

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