It is always easy to predict – especially if you have nothing at stake!

The world is today very worried about the Euro problem – because it is much bigger than the US problem. In fact the situation is so bad, that US has even decided to teach Europe about coping with the crisis…LOL.

In 2006 you saw NINJA loans (no income no jobs), in 2008 you saw the property bust in US. Now we are worried about the falling prices in UK.

In the year 2012 we will be panicking about the falling prices of real estate in CHINA. Not that it is not falling now, but it is expected to HARD LAND much worse than the soft landing that the government of China thinks it can manage.

China is a funny country – people have the money, but CANNOT spend. So they are investing. When they invest, they create a bubble. If the bubble bursts, there will be an issue!

So if 2008 was lost to US and 2011 to Europe, will 2012 be lost to China?

PS: did you notice I did not predict the Sensex or the Nifty? So any one can reach 12000 – be ready to hear my saying ‘I said it here first’…..

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  1. yes prabe….the skill of predicting is to predict vaguely OR predict the same thing

    for ex saying ‘it will rain today’ is brilliantly simple…start from 1st June and keep saying the same thing for 90 days (in Mumbai I mean)…the chances are somebody will say ‘Vow Subra said it will rain today….’ L O L

  2. had a conversation with a NRI friend investing in Tier II real estate. He is absolutely convinced it will only go up.for ever. passed on the forbes article link. thanks.

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