There are somethings which I have not been able to understand, will somebody explain please?

  • if 70% of the shares of Hdfc bank and Icici bank are held by FIIs, how are they Indian banks?
  • if 100% retail is allowed to sell mutual funds and life insurance, why not tomatoes and jewellery?
  • if a public sector bank promotes a life insurance company, why is it called a private insurance company?
  • if 100% investments are allowed in banks, mutual funds, and brokerage houses, why not in insurance?
  • why is life insurance strategic, but banking not strategic?
  • why is foreign investment by banks allowed in Indian banks, but foreign airlines cannot invest in airlines?
  • if a bunch of foreign investors want to lose money in insurance and airline business, what is OUR problem?
  • is the stock exchange strategic or will we allow NYSE, Nasdaq and LSE set up Indian arms?
  • will Govt. allow NSE to list and then allow the foreign exchanges into India?

too much confusion….will anybody answer some or all of these questions please?


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  1. great questions.just exposes the sheer hypocrisy of our rulers.they are blind to the obvious and can see conspiracies where none exist

  2. Subra Sir

    Except for airline for the security reasons (our babus are yet too far away in intelligance by int stds as everybody admit..) the rest is all just votebank politics for the “organised” but fooling the the unorganised and illeterate masses of about 70% of the population. So the idea of 5-10% influential will keep ruling us or the introvert and sumbissive 20-25% get determined. Let’s pray 🙂

    Good Day

  3. Subra – Warren Buffet has a toe hold into insurance distribution – Berkshire now has an agency with Bajaj Allianz. Why would Berkshire want to sell motor insurance retail?
    Parallely the MoF has issued a circular to GIC saying , GIC should not pay commissions on obligatory cessions- retrospectively! This reversing a 4 decade old process.
    Finally a news item speculates that the current Chairman of GIC will likely head the Reinsurance foray of Bekrshire in India.
    Please feel free to draw your own conclusion. My take- BSNL has already been done in by GSM operator pulling strings in Telecom ministry, GIC is on its way.Air India of course is living proof how crony capitalism works.
    If Dawood could invest in Jet, am amused at the thought of security in aviation.

  4. what security reasons for airlines? the security angle is the worst and easiest excuse to make.all you need is an unnamed foreign threat and you can ban all kinds of foreign investment.
    we keep the security folks on a pedestal,unquestiongly imaginging that they are self sacrificing servants of the is time we are skeptical of anyone and everyone with power.
    if evil foreigners wanted to harm india,there a a million more easy ways than to invest in telecom or airline business.the security angle is the excuse that makes all free trade lovers shut up lest they be accused of being traitors.
    it is an excuse used in all countries by self righteous politicians to cause fear.

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