Caveat: Do not take this post seriously. It is utter nonsense. I am just producing this to show you what kind of #$%^(&* goes around – and for somebody who thinks you can retire with US $200…God bless you.

This is obviously NOT WHAT I RECOMMEND TO YOU…just to tell you to be careful…

OMG…if you believed this story….God bless HIMSELF!! You are the CHOSEN ONE!


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  1. i could not see the video much! but i smell one ‘agora’ is connected with the people behind our famous only/ first direct mf to investor, and their advisory firm’s some marketing videos seem near identical in presentation. are both ‘agora’ same? if same, i am disappointed with the company ‘our famous only/ first direct mf’ keeps.i know them as honest.

  2. I stopped right at the time the speaker said “This requires a lot of luck, I would never recommend it”. It can’t get any clearer than that. He’s just showing us how in a fantasy filled world, you COULD get lucky (like me!) and earn millions using just $200. If I had to rely on Lady Luck, why would I ask her to give me money in the stock market? Wouldn’t I try my luck better at the casino? Or in an election?

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