Money is a Coward. When it is scared it Runs away from the place of Crisis. – Ayn Rand in one of her books where she says Money is ONLY for people who respect Freedom and Democracy.

It is happening in Europe. Money will run out of Europe. Either from the main door (long lines, cash withdrawals, etc.) or from the back door. Back door withdrawal is worse than front door.

The fact that the Dollar is gaining so much is clearly people believe in it. So the Europeans, Chinese and perhaps the Indians are all dumping their own currencies and buying the dollar.

Italy ALREADY has a withdrawal restriction – cash transactions above Euro 1000 (or US $ 1300 – at the time of going to press!!).

Many European Banks are perhaps pledging their real estate…for further borrowings

European banks cannot raise long term or short term monies from their own markets…

Most of the talk is ASSUMING the end of Euro.

There are still some people who are convinced that the end of Euro will be by a civil war – and they could be right.

Most CEOs are not willing to buy the ‘We will support the Euro….by the US’.

…RIP              Euro!


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