There are many kids of today whose parents still believe:

– PSU jobs are safe and the best

-dealing with a government agency is good, because they will not cheat you

Sure Psu jobs are the best -ask the retiree from Air India who has not been paid his dues…for the past few years.

So if you were an AI employee and you were dependent on the PF /gratuity for your old age – you have been reduced to being a pauper. You are now dependent on your kids for your food and shelter.

Ha ha…you played safe and had bought a house, did you say?

And that too from a government agency named CIDCO – and the house is at Nerul? Well for some reason you have not got the NOC for occupying the flat…eeek…no money, pay the EMI but no flat….like a friend said

“bad luck itna kharab ho gaya”…Of course Cidco has its story of what went wrong and Air India has its own story of ”what went wrong” – The transaction started in 1992…most employees would have finished paying the EMI in 2010 (you normally get possession when you START paying the EMI!!).

I do not have all sides of the story….but it must have really hurt the employee, what say? If you do Google around you will find that DNA has done a story on this on 25 nov 2011……..

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  1. thank god.. atleast they got some respite.. other builders would have taken them for a nice ride… saw a couple of them in various magazines…

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