Here is what I mean by personal finance blogs:

– does not include tips giving blogs (what share to buy, when to buy, etc.)

– searched and have found only 4-5 blogs so far

– will not cover blogs with basic errors – the effort to enumerate mistakes is too much, so will just say ‘not worth the effort’

– Manish Chauhan, Deepak, Ranjan, and myself seem to be addressing different communities

-Many mails asked me to cover blogs writing about equity. That I will not. For me covering equity blogs is too much effort, and frankly not worth it, except if I am doing it for a magazine – for DECENT amount of money. In other words, I will not do it 🙂

Not too keen to do this story….hence withdrawing the offer to do a comparative article…:-) sorry!

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  1. Subra sir,

    I know yours and Manish’s ( blogs. Can you please tell me where I can find Deepak and Ranjan’s blogs.


  2. Dear Aditya, just google deepak shenoy & ranjan verma.

    You ‘ll get the blog addresses instantly as both these blogs are super hit.



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