When people read my blogs they may be getting a feeling that I do not watch TV at all. I do. I have a very old TV – and the clarity is not too great, caveat.

I make it a point to watch ‘Comedy Circus’ and I guess it is an amazingly good program, and I love the creativity of the writing team and the actors too. Of course not every Sat and Sun I am able to…but I do make an attempt.

I try to watch the Hindi movie nostalgia on Times Now channel – on a Sunday at about 12 or thereabouts.

I watch Sukhishivam’s talk on Sat and Sun morning on Sun TV – but since it eats into the running time, I miss it. Sadly it is not repeated AT ALL.

I try catching some glimpses of cricket…but rarely in full.

I love watching Tom and Jerry…and if I find the zillionth repeat of a show, I still watch, laugh and NEVER change channels. Walt Disney the creative genius, salutations to you.

While watching these channels I do land up at Cnbc, Cnbc awaaz, ET, Bloomberg UTVi, …and since a few of the kids working there are known, I watch it if they are doing the show. Sometimes it is friends who are being interviewed..so I watch. Mostly for amusement or finding something to write on my blog.

Like yesterday I heard the following amusing things:

1. If you want safety over a long period of time put your money in Public Provident Fund.

My comment: Obviously this veteran had not heard of REAL return.

2. Do not buy insurance as an investment…blah blah blah.

My comment: The word TERM INSURANCE was not mentioned even ONCE.

3. Do not deal in direct equities – be in mutual funds and life insurance only.

My comment: Said by a banker – who does not have an equity target.

4. You must deal in direct equities.

My comment: Said by a broker – easy to guess it is not?

5. He has invested in too many mutual fund schemes

My comment on 3, 4 and 5:


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  1. Sir one small correction T&J is created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It seems you meant Walt Disney.

  2. The real business of business channels is not to help investors make money, but to sell advertising. I haven’t had CNBC on in my home in many years. While my visitors think this is sadist, I believe it’s wonderful…and peaceful.

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