Not long ago I used to appear on TV at regular intervals. The channels that I used to appear regularly are ET TV, Bloomberg Utvi, and much less frequently on Cnbc and Cnbc Awaaz.

So obviously PR agencies had seen me – and two of them approached me. One of them said ‘look at our fund performance, please talk about our schemes’…the other agency said ‘will you write about our produce on your blog’. The person who was calling me for a ‘byte’ to be said on TV used to work for a PR agency where I had done training.

Now in multiple roles there is a conflict that cannot be avoided. To appear on TV you need to say something catchy, interesting and perhaps controversial.

While doing training one can be blunt and factual – and say ‘this is correct, however I KNOW what you tell the client, but please say it THIS WAY so that you can sound correct while having your way’.

While doing a product review there should be some chance in hell that I will use that product.I keep wondering when will shareholders of mutual funds make money by doing a legitimate business. Frankly my views on so many products is scathing and I might just say ‘such a product is unnecessary – which dramatically reduces my chances of getting an ipad gift for Diwali 🙂 or has inflation caught up with Diwali gifts too 🙁 ??

So what to do? it is only financial blogging for me…and an ocassional TV appearance and writing for web sites…no PR, no product review, no product endorsement, …lots a ‘no’s..


This became very difficult – if you see my advice – it may be correct, but it is BORING. It is like saying if you have 3 idlis for breakfast, lots of fruits, salads, less fat,….you will live a good life. If  I keep saying ‘Do a SIP…do not touch for a long time….’ it is dull and boring..and the channels (perhaps rightly) feel that people crave for variety. Great. More power to them.

To me there is a clear, very clear conflict. Most products in the financial services industry are redundant. If  I were tracking fund houses and fund products, I will have to track 42 houses X 100 schemes each = 4200 schemes !! I DO NOT DO IT. I do not track ulip performance at all – because the charges are very different for different customers.

I do not appear on TV because they do not call me – clearly dull and boring people SHOULD not be called – just to hear the same thing again and again!

However my articles do appear on the web – in places like,, Yahoo finance, et.


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  1. Sir ,

    It is the Honesty which attracted me to this blog in the first place. I am sure many readers of subramoney would agree with this.
    Diwali gift: I guess you would have to make do with people waking up to your blog, despite Diwali .
    Sorry no ipads:)… my financial advisor does not approve;)

  2. More power to you and honest blogs like yours. You may not get an iPad but you can get a good night sleep on the good will of your many followers. Keep the good work going.

  3. Dear Subra,

    Thank god for small mercies! In this ‘interesting’ world there are at least a few ‘boring’ people whom you can bank upon for advice. I chanced upon your blog about a fortnight ago and have been hooked on to it since then. Keep the good work on!!

    Mukesh Singhal

  4. Ipad or not, you made a huge *life changing* +ve financial difference in my and many readers life. And knowledge grows. In turn i already made a few financial converts in my office with your teachings in years of lunch time conversations (hard work though).
    (btw i have a ipad, it is mostly hyped with current capabilities)

  5. Dear Subra,

    Nowadays the Term “Boring” seems to be linked to Honesty, So in this way your Honesty is saving many of your readers(including me) from Faulty illusions/Statistics.

    On this Deepawali, I pray God to bless you with all your good wish instead of fancy Ipad 😀

  6. first thing i do on connecting net everyday, type ‘s’, and click on ‘’! let the boring blog long live !Happy Diwali and Prosperous new year to you and readers of this blog.

  7. your ‘boring’ blog as made me financially wise and helped in rectifying some mistakes i committed earlier..hope you keeping writing for countless more diwalis…ipad won’t last for long 😉

  8. Hello Sir,

    I have been regularly reading your blog since a month after I came across it.

    There has been only 1 investment I have made so far, and after reading your articles, I knew it was a complete dud. :p

    I have bought your book through Flipkart to learn more about PFP.

    I know you have published a list of books one should read but please could you kindly suggest an order to it? Would be really helpful for amateurs like me! 🙂

    Anyway, what I wanted to actually write is that I read your blog for the honesty in it.

    Please continue writing and we will keep lapping up your books. 🙂

    Warm Regards,

  9. thanks guys…btw I DO NOT WANT AN IPAD…surprisingly cars, mobikes, houses, gadgets never turned me on. Never.

    MSP: the money that i need(ed) in life was in the bank about 13 years ago..and is growing well. And when one works for oneself…believe me even comments become secondary.

  10. Salaam saab!
    Thank you for everything- your honesty and flashes of sarcasm. Ah yes, wit too. 🙂

    I wish you a tremendous Diwali and a prosperous, enriching New Year.

  11. It is your writing that endears many of us – never mind the rest of it.

    In this Satanic world of glutton vices, many of your articles bring about sanity and help people like me to remain grounded and not get carried away with all the noise generated on idiot boxes and other places.

  12. Even if you come on tv the eye catches who view that program may be less then the clicks that come to ur blog 🙂

    (& I am posting this from my iPad 🙂 )

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