It is lonely at the top…but surely Hdfc will not mind it. Hdfc Mutual fund became the biggest mutual fund and toppled Reliance to reach that position. Hdfc in most businesses is like the proverbial tortoise…Slow and steady, plod, plod….but once you reach there stick to that position!

So Congrats Milind Barve and team for this achievement…remember meeting you the week you were selected to head it..been a nice long rewarding relationship, no major regrets.

Starting with an initial capital of Rs. 10 crores…today it has profits of Rs. 242 crores. Any businessman would be happy with such fantastic profitability, and I am sure your shareholders are also happy.

Profitability of a company is seen with respect to the amount and time invested, not the size of the assets. If I were a shareholder (I heard there is a public issue coming, is it true?), I would be happy.

However an ex fund manager who thinks ALL investors are idiots thinks your profitability is poor – imagine earning ONLY Rs. 242 cores for managing almost Rs. 100,000 crores! it is just 0.24% – and according to this fund that is a poor margin.

Hmmm….in a world where you can say whatever you want,  LISTEN….TO THE voice of reason!!


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  1. Investors confidance in HDFC made it possible .So along with Milind Barve ,many congrats to A Gem They Have called “Prashant Jain” due to whom me personally and Many more for sure pour our hard earned money in HDFC Top 200 or Equity or Growth ,or Prudance or Balance or Midcap .Very Less of a Talk and More of Astute stock selection.Our Lifes Financial Goal are Linked to Team Prashant and Milinds Leadership and charging 1.79 % to client and rest Invested is there Philosophy .So Clients will come ….In an Attemt to get more Gold(Read Profit) ,there is no need to kill Goose which gives it(Read Gulliable Simple Investors Taken for Granted) .They understand this till date and Hence can topple RIL MF by Sheer Trust Factor earned by HDFC MFs Milind and Prashant team….as Underlying companies in both funds are by and large same …but not Underlying TRUST …..So to me this Toppling is possible because of Investors confidance and till that is there HDFC will continue to Lead ….

  2. HDFC is great but then again HDFC’s top executives have been charged of front-running by SEBI. If I am not wrong, the same Milind Barve has paid some fine. True, HDFC MF is way better than Reliance MF but as the saying goes “अन्धों में काना राजा”.

  3. yes raag you will see a post on that too..and you will be surprised at the Media’s silence…or if you are a regular reader of my blog, you may not be surprised…:-)

  4. The standard answer to any difficult question by Mr. Subra Sir is “you will see a post or blog on that too”.

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