Was wondering what are the few sentences that a person should be taught to be in the financial media business. Here are a few:

  • As we had said earlier, the market is now decoupled. Even though the markets went down yesterday in US Indian markets have gone up.
  • Indian markets have gone down, in keeping with Global Trends…Kospi is down, Hangseng is down….so is Nifty
  • Markets are down…this is the single biggest fall..it is down by 500 points (the shrillness in the voice remains the same whether the index is at 9000 or 21000 for the sensex or it is for the 4500 Nifty)
  • It is a great time to be buying gold….everybody is buying it…and experts say it will reach…..by Dec…
  • Do you realise that Mr. Ratan Tata has lost Rs. 900,000 crores in market capitalization in the past 6 days?
  • Markets have hit a low of 4800…and there is a good chance that it will hit a further low of 4500…
  • Markets have hit a high of 20840..and is within a spitting distance of the previous high…

I am convinced that I can create a software with about 50 sentences which it will pick and produce stories.

Now let us look at the sentences in an astrological mag:

  • Those single may be attracted to a person of the opposite sex
  • Children will bring joy for some
  • Children do well academically, but take care of their health
  • Parents health may cause concern
  • Job will be fine, but boss may cause some irritation

Get the drift of what I am saying?

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  1. 🙂 50 lines software will have an expiry of 2 years. You will have to throw in the buzz words also – AUM, technicals, cooling down, profit booking, strong/weak fundamentals, GFC, and of course housing prices may go up…..

  2. There is one difference between the two…with astro-speak watchers most of the people do not loose sleep and their pants….while for the cnbc watchers mostly may!!

  3. Dear Subra, yesterday i.e. 21st Sept, 2011 I read this post & today i.e. 22nd Sept, 2011, the same Media language is there for Sensex Fall of more than 700 points.

    It seems you are now turning into a Jyotishi/Fortune Teller. LOL 🙂


    Ashal Jauhari

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