so much pressure from so many people to ‘feature’ new financial products! It means subramoney has arrived…or is it a case of desperation that products are not selling?

I refused to feature products which are generally unnecessary for the readers (may sound pompous, but I am the judge here)..

what happens when somebody has a very complicated and expensive product? Arguably my readers are more intelligent than me, but I decide that I will not carry articles of products that I do not understand the product.

I understand only term (no I do not understand term with return of premium)…insurance.

I understand only Index fund…..and the other fund managers whom I know! Too scary for me to look at fund managers with a small corpus….I will not.

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  1. Dear subra san, it is amazing to hear that your client bought a flat with EMI of 35k while earning 40k per month! That too a flat which is worth 10K pm rental income.
    18k rent is also hypothetical as rent in any city (including the city C) would vary widely depending on the locality, size, amenities etc etc.

    Innumeracy and stubbornness are issues, indeed.

    Have a good one. Bye!

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