When I was younger and my head was full of foolish ideas and lot of black hair….there was also a huge urge to start some new businesses. Thank God, I did not!

In the 1990s – Income tax practice was still on the top of my head. I seriously thought I should set up a fantastic library of tax books, magazines, and reference material. There was a client with a 6000 sq. ft. office in Marine Lines (and wondering what to do!).   A little push from my side, and it would have been started….and now rotting because of the advent of the web and the fact that tax practice is not so much of an appeal practice! Those who understand what I mean – chuckle, chuckle!

Again in the 1990s another person I know wanted to set up a computers agency which would install a PC in every hotel room and charge on a pay as you use basis! This was supposed to give net access (considered very expensive) – so that the business traveller could use the net, the comp and use a common printer. Thank God we did not set it up! We did not know net would soon be free (well almost), laptops would be so cheap, and hardware prices would crash so fast…we would have been wiped out.

Two job offers which were made to me were at top salaries. One was with a software-hardware company and one with a tile company. I just did not take it forward because their balance sheets which I knew and which was shown to me were so far away from each other that I could not imagine. Both companies chased me a little and then gave up. In one case the ‘consultant’ was very angry with me for refusing to accept the offer (it was still at the verbal stage)…In both cases I could have ended up in the courts for sec 138 cases, if not in the jail. Thank God for giving me the sanity to choose ‘unemployment’ over ‘jail’.

Of course I have made investing mistakes…but God saved me from major big time disasters…yes time got wasted, but there was no tension of wrong doings taking me to gaol! and far away from my goal!!

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  1. God’s blessings are indeed great. Sometimes even when everything seems ok – but something holds me back [ call it intuition , sixth sense , knowledge anything ] I prefer to listen to it. A divine guiding hand ? 🙂

  2. Thats the problem with your/our generation. Always thinking of consequences. The sensible approach would have been to take the fancy salaries and quit BEFORE Sec138.
    Of course the risk of being in gaol would have still been there but surely that would have been within your appetite for risk!!

  3. I was in the Bombay Stock Exchange about 1 hour before the bomb blast.

    Hate attending parties where people are in their 8th peg, and you know when the clock strikes, the carriage turns into pumpkin and the horses turn to mice.

    To me the Risk-Reward is not worth CONSIDERING, when the risk is death or jail. Like crossing the track or being in a company whose cash also bounces 🙂

  4. On a completely different note, I must thank God for the ONE time that he saved me from a big major relationship mistake that I could have made. Still shudder to think – about this boy in college, who turned out to be a good for nothing. I then did my CA and married a banker! So when God does not want you to get into trouble, he protects you. If he had wanted you to get into financial trouble, you may have given some bank guarantees and got into manufacturing something!! So lucky you, and lucky me!! let us say thanks to God for sure….

  5. Agree Sneha – God or whatever you wish to call the power saves you from various problems. In fact if he gives us reminders of his presence..

  6. subra this looks like one more ” connect the dots ” speech you have really moved the vallue ladder , but I liked it

  7. God does make wiser choices for his beings. But you have said enough NO’s. You don’t know you could have done well in any of those situations but you chose not to go for it. Ofcourse, some correlation shows that your decisions were wise but that does not apply to everyone. Everyone is unique (just like everyone else, just for pun ;)) but jokes aside people either find a way or change the negatives to positives, that is the power of Passionate Leadership and Dedication – to job, life, situations and events.
    If Gandhi, Teresa, Luther King and such people said NO to negatives or challenges, they would not have been called LEGENDS.
    Personally, I think this is the only inappropriate post in your blog. You should encourage people to take challenges head on and do the same things, in a different way. Creativity can make wonders. Just some experience.

  8. If god had been so kind to you, you must be doing something to please him. Do you want to share what you did to please him. You must also be sure those that were killed in the BSE bomb blast must have pissed off this god? i wonder what they did.

    If you don’t believe this theory, you must then accept that unfortunate events can happen equally to both good & bad people. This god must really be just RANDOM choosing people as he/she wishes without a care as to how good/bad people are or whether they are believers or not.

    Thats what life is – just RANDOM. A lot of otherwise sane people like you confuse life’s complete randomness & random events with god’s activities.

  9. @IndianHayek
    Your comment made me smile a little. Seems a lot of rage against God. I thought of a very nice conversation from the movie “Evan Almighty”.
    People sometimes think God hates them or doesn’t care for them. This is not true. We are his creatures after all. If you ask for patience, does God give you patience or an opportunity to be patience? If you ask for happiness, does God give you warm fuzzy feelings or the opportunity to be happy. All these opportunity comes in one or the other form that human does not like. If you think (I mean REALLY THINK), there’s a reason behind everything that happens. I hope you take your life in positive sense. God loves us all.

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