This morning I was watching television and an expert came….

He was asked what shares to buy…he said buy pharma. He then said buy GSK….

Then he was asked which shares one should NOT BUY…and he said:

Do not buy Realty stocks, infrastructure stocks, auto, ….not sure what else..but auto, infra and realty were surely there! He said do not buy auto – I guess – because petrol prices had gone up and interest rates were going up. Now this is sane advise, however it may not be correct. Why?

Well not long ago we used to track Tata Motors. We would know a lot of details, now I do not track it. And there is a reason. It has become very difficult to track Tata Motors – too much of its revenue comes from JLR. I have not found enough analysts who know what is happening / will happen at JLR. If you do not know how JLR works, what revenues comes from where, what is happening in which market, what are the margins….frankly I have no business commenting about Tata Motors.

So should you buy Tata Motors shares? Well I do not know, but I do have Tata Motors in my portfolio. I have the DVR also…so caveat…I have a vested interest in the price of Tata Motors …..

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