Well many heart surgeons who have died of a heart attack have not been able to tell the diff between a heart attack or just a case of gas..

Why am I bringing this up on  a Monday morning?

Well I walked to Nerul station…and a man sitting there asked me…’Heart attack causes pain in the right side or left side?’…..I wanted to say ‘I am not Google’…but I realised he was serious..and told me his chest is paining.

I offered to drop him home (his wife’s phone was off it was on charging he said!) , did not have his neighbour’s number, no clue whether the emergency number that his office had given on his ’employee identity card would work and his house number was of a old house!! Amazing only when things go wrong we realise the cost of postponing these ‘small things’ in life!

I asked him to raise his left hand – he could do it with ease. I said ‘Ha this means it is not a heart attack’…Frankly I have no clue whether I was right, but somebody in the crowd said…’in case of a heart attack you would be sweating..you have not even broken a sweat..so do not worry’. Made him speak to his daughter – she was coming from a slightly far away suburb. However in 20 minutes somebody from his house came…somebody had a disprin -but did not want to risk giving him a thinner. The young kid who came said ‘I will carry you on my shoulder’ – I had to curb his enthu…and said ‘either he walks or goes in a stretcher….’

Would have been happy to say all ended well…actually I have no clue…I had missed 4-5 trains, he was in safe hands,…maybe it was gas trouble, maybe he is fighting for life in an ICU…no clue. Just that we are so unprepared!

Hopefully all of you are carrying your house number, neigbhor’s number, some emergency ambulance number, son or daughter’s number….and all of them keep the phone well charged – financially and from a power point of view!!

Did I save his life? Na…i just got a better sight to the Almighty’s plan. When we pray we only ask for visibility of his plan – much better than asking for something much lesser than what he is willing to give!!

See a post called visualisation – or vizualization – done a lot earlier..

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  1. We must act fast and think of the consequences . What you said is very much right, to carry all the numbers with us.Lets not assume if it is gas or heart attack, let us leave it to the doctors to decide.

    It was very nice of you to help,this also we must learn.

  2. Geeta I had (have) no clue whether he had a heart attack…convincing him it was not a heart attack was useful – that is all!

  3. Storing one contact by name ICE number (ICE = In Case of Emergency) in everyones mobile is a very good suggestion. one of the very few emails i got as forward that made some sense.

  4. Subra, Take this as a life experience. These things teaches a human to be human. You did the right thing of handing him over to his family and staying with him till help arrived. I would say you are compassionate. It’s small things like this that will make difference in this highly populated country. You might never know, but unknowingly you might have saved a life too. Thnx for sharing, this was a break from reading a lot of financial blogs 😉

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