One advantage of being in the industry for long is you establish contacts. …so you hear stories. Some you remember some you forget. Some journalists tell you stories, some call you for stories…

If you were in school in 1977 and looked at Arun Shourie with stars in your eyes….you thought all journalists should be like that. Then as you get along in life, you realise that such people do not exist any longer. The relationship between the press and PR is just too thick.

One thing I know about Arun Shourie – as was described to me by another journo – ‘he is like an alligator…if he gets hold of a story..he will take it to its logical end’. He did it with Antulay. Amazing hard work, and a simple man.

Today, I hear of simple, honest bureaucrats who have ‘Golf’ as their hobby. Chuckle, chuckle…Here is a stunning story about Mr. Bhave… 

thank you Sucheta for bringing it out…perhaps a few people we know that the PMO knew in Dec….LOL..where is governance? forget corporate governance!!

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  1. Ravinder Makhaik

    Mercifully, the Supreme Court decided to step in and dig out some of the dirt that the PMO has chosen to overlook.

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