On 9th April at 3.30 pm and on 10th April at 4.30pm Cnbc will telecast a program co-produced with NSE.

This is a program on basic investing and I said the same simple things…start investing, compounding will work, gold is a commodity which has done well, real estate is a saving asset…and also answered some questions…

Not sure what are the other timings – like midnight etc….

in case u get a chance to be near a television and do not find any other very interesting stuff ….watch CNBC on Sat and Sun at 3.30 pm and 4.30pm….

you will get to see Allahabad 🙂

Remember also what Taleb said about soundbytes on television…while watching this program…

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  1. Good coverage on basics of personal finance.

    Nice to see you on T.V.

    You didn’t mention the age you started investing. I think it may be 6!

    Also did not get to see the Allahabad as you promised. Only a hotel room!

    The train was also not shown!

    You were wearing a tie. Taleb would have been amused!

  2. i was 16-17 when i started investing..I had to wear a tie bcoz Yogesh was wearing a suit 🙂

    only ET NOW insists on a jacket…Cnbc leaves it to us. I could have come in a shirt. A Tee shirt would not have been nice on a serious show.

    Venkatesh – frankly most of personal finance advise can be summed up in about 25 pages. However, all p.f. people need to think that we are all gainfully employed. Hence we create so much of verbal and written nonsense. Sad but true. On 15-16th you will see a post on ‘Confusology’ and ‘Succomer’ …remember u saw it on this blog first 🙂

  3. Mr.Subra – You are absolutely right.

    However had you been stock brokers now, with negligible net worth, with fixed monthly establishment cost and house hold expenses, depending on the monthly income out of brokerage for survival, the view might have been different.

    Unless someone keeps churning his portfolio, a stock broker would perish.

    We are all product of our circumstances.

    Whether it is financial product manufacturers, banks, institutions, advisors, media, brokers, name anyone (including trainers!) – all of them want to survive and if possible, flourish.

    Even some one claiming to be the ‘most honest one’ in the mutual fund and advisory business is no exception to this.

    People do what suits them and that include investors too.

    Like all mortals, they are also driven by greed and fear and take irrational decisions.

    Warren Buffett who is against hedge funds ran a successful hedge funds to achieve his initial millions.

    On the one hand condemning the havoc created by structured debt products and derivatives, nothing prevented him from negotiating an excellent deal with Goldman Sachs.

    I owe a lot of Buffett. My learning only started from him. The little knowledge I gained from him helped with a strong bull market changed my financial fate.

    Still no one is perfect and I don’t except the same too.

    This is the way world is.

  4. Hi Subra,

    I watched the show on Sunday. It was really helpful, especially the contrast view from Yogesh on gold investment. For the first time I was able to make my other half sit and watch the full episode.

    Overall the show summed up what you have been saying on the blog. Yogesh inputs were also encouraging.



  5. is it available to watch on youtube by any chance ?
    I couldn’t watch it on scheduled time

    please let me know

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