did one chotta program for Nse and Cnbc..at Allahabad

Saturday 3.30pm and Sunday 4.30pm (Same program, repeated)

…if u are near a TV set and there is no re-re-re-replay of the Indian world cup victory…please watch…

sheer ego makes me put this post. Not very sure that you will benefit by watching, my ego will get a boost 🙂


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  1. watched the show,

    anchor was some one you can describe in your dreams, repeating the same words….

    and yes interest rates are interesting Subra…

    Over all, some specifics where warranted 🙂 ..

  2. please do not expect to learn from a TV program. It is not possible. A program can only excite you to act. For example if 4 people buy a term insurance bec’z an ‘expert’ told them so, it is good. Nothing more. It is nice to go around and meet people who are happy listening to such stuff…and then continuing to do what they do!!

  3. is it available to watch on youtube by any chance ?
    I couldn’t watch it on scheduled time

    please let me know

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