One reader has asked ‘How will I benefit by reading your book’. An honest answer is ‘I do not know’.

This is because in life there are 3 important things in behavior change. First is knowing what is good for you (Learning – Saraswati), then finding a guru – means a person whom you respect, and there fore you are willing to learn from (Hanuman) and then when this has happened, having the wisdom (Parvati) to implement it in your life.

If you see the title of my book it says ‘Rs. 40 a day’. You could argue for the next 200 years should it be Rs. 40, Rs. 80 or Rs. 400. The purpose is to START…and even while you are arguing, compounding will work! NOT STARTING is a CRIME!

If you think you know compounding, you are correct. If you know that compounding @ 10% over 200 years Rs. 100 would have become Rs. 1800 crores, you are kidding me. I have asked this question to about 1000 people …AND NOBODY, NOBODY, NOBODY has been able to think of such a high figure in the sequence in which I ask this question. My audience consisted of people with very high IQ, some brilliant academics, one professor of statistics, many Cat 1 school MBAs, rank holding Chartered Accountants…SO STOP KIDDING YOURSELF.

If you know how to make a Investment Philosophy statement, know how to keep a portfolio simple but effective, understand equities, ….well you may not need the book. However assuming you do not know these things, you will find this book useful. Well that is my opinion. No humility has not been a great virtue on me…but like it in others.

Let me remind you that now I do not have a vested interest in pushing the book (if you know the publishing business, you will appreciate this better!), but to a man who has only a hammer everything looks like a nail…so do remember the full facts before you decide…:-)

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  1. Subra,

    That was straight and in the face. Not many in this field have the courage and the ability to state the facts . It does require an enlighted soul and a frame to keep aside the ‘ E’ factor – Ego.

  2. Brijesh for most readers of this blog the price of Rs. 399 – with a 25% discount at flipkart or a 10% discount at other shops more or less ensures that price is not a ‘buy’ or ‘do not buy’ push factor. Most of them have to answer honestly, ‘will they read it’ that is all. And frankly a book does not change the behavioural pattern of a person – it is normally seeing an uncle or aunt struggling to make ends meet that triggers the need to do retirement planning. Swami Vivekananda said ‘Awake!, Arise!! Stop Not till the Goal is Reached.

    If all of the world had heard, listened, and implemented it, we would be living in a better world, right?

  3. This question is off-topic.

    “Let me remind you that now I do not have a vested interest in pushing the book (if you know the publishing business, you will appreciate this better!)”

    The above statement intrigued me. What is it about the publishing business that the author loses interest in pushing the book? Does the author not get any financial incentive on sale of each book?

  4. ya bulk of the revenue goes to the publisher. For an author it WILL NOT COVER the cost of organising a book reading session! And a publisher loses interest about a year from the launch unless there is a ‘new revised version with added chapters!!!” …

  5. more importantly sales tapers off to…this is quite surprising but factual. I thought books that are not full of data can be sold over a longer period of time…:-)

  6. no no. Sambaran that is not what I meant. Not that my publisher is great….but Anusha Ramani who handles(d) my account is! And there are a lot of headaches and work that a publisher has to do. One can argue and negotiate price, but cannot wish away that work..thanks, will carry the comment..for some other budding authors!

  7. Many a times..I heard invest 40 INR per day for compounding. I haven’t read your book. Can you let us know where to invest these 40 rupees daily.

  8. Hi sir,
    I am looking for this book. The book is not available in flipcart now..and it is not available in any other online purchase sites except infibeam( sadly infibeam is not giving any discounts.:( ..)…i checked with Twistntales(pune)also, But they said they cannot deliver any books now as they are about to shutdown the shop soon. May i know is there is anyplace/site where i can buy the book at discounted price?


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