I know many Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries do visit this blog…I am also sure that they keep themselves abreast of MCA notifications…

Here is a notification that is putting a lot of responsibility on practising accountants and secretaries….well if you want to get paid well, learn to accept responsibility also…read on..Circular_MCA_14-2011_12apr2011

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  1. Subra Sir,

    This is an investment question.

    I see Motilal International ETF which invests in gr8 american companies with very little charges. Also I heard there are lot of international mutual funds investing around the world. How is that for diversification.? How can retail investor take advantage of these. Do you advice such diversification at all ?
    P.S. I read Srilanka gave returns over 90%, Russia gave returns over 40 % etc over last year.

  2. Wow! so the state gets another tool to harass the working man! As usual there is no distinction between negligence and alleged fraud.Presumably some babu will decide, at his ‘discretion’.
    Why would a professional want to file electronically? Well good for insurers, they can sell PI.

  3. Sri Lanka also has pathetic corporate governance, crony capitalism, serious forex reserve problems, and is headed the China way in terms of the state being the biggest capitalist. There’s also withholding tax when you divest (need to check this).Are there good companies – yes of course some of them are world class but not all. 90% return on a very small base because the industry was dormant during the war…

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