As soon as Dhoni won the World cup 2011 it was too tempting to write about

– Management lessons from Dhoni,

– Investment lessons from Dhoni, and Guru Gary.

– Are Dhoni and Gary the new Arjun and Drona of Indian cricket?

– How well Dhoni did asset allocation, how well he was focused, brilliant acceleration,…blah blah blah..

no i refuse to bite the bait of writing about the great Indian victory using experiences …and ignoring the sheer Fooled by Randomness.

However it was too attractive to do this as a joke……it did not matter..

After all names like Gary Kirsten, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harbhajan singh, Yuvraj singh, Sachin Tendulkar, are all nice to attract attention is it not?

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  1. dhoni was humble enough to acknowledge that he picked up a penny stock named nehra -though it delivered while ignoring a promising tech startup named ashwin.

  2. Dhoni made sure that ‘obvious’ is not obvious by ignoring suggestion of every corner like playing Ashwin and his batting ahead of in-form Yuvi. This is akin to Buffet’s quote of Markets are efficient. It just goes other way of what crowd does. Else every investor would end up super rich.

  3. Media needs mirch Masala to link things. Media will always find way to link things, in this case world cup and Management fundas.

    I recall the same thing happening in past when India won T20 World cup.



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