I have been told to add a rider to my blog as follows:

Please do not take this blog seriously. One guy who can be traced to the 13th Century of Japanese warriors who were proud of Hara kiri is actively associated in creating the content.

It may contain some explicit words (unsuitable for children – please define the age yourself), some truth (unsuitable for most people affected by that), some criminally cruel falsehood (not suitable for those who believe in a fair world), some mathematics (unsuitable for the common investor), some simple financial planning tips (unsuitable for the whole family of planners, generally), logic of indexing (unsuitable for the fund management industry), simple wealth tips (unsuitable for the tipsters, the active fund managers, and the $ 500 million newsletter industry), easy investor protection (unsuitable even for the 14 regulator staff who read this blog). The only reason I have not said anything about bankers is they do not read such inane blogs. They are busy managing risk.

This blog is meant to entertain, tease, poke, ridicule, blast people connected with the fund management industry. This includes investors, traders, employees of investors, traders, brokers, regulators, government officials, bankers (if some of them have not been warned about this site and they do come here by mistake), relationship managers, etc. (this etc. is necessary because the financial service industry has such a variety of designations that there is a designation tracking agency in Paris).

Some people claim to learn from this site. I feel sorry for them. My apologies for hurting you. Anybody who claims to learn, re-learn, unlearn, from this site, need help. I hope it is available soon. In case I do set up a call center I will put up the email id of the contact person.


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  1. Like everyone else, you are also paradoxical and inconsistent. Nobody except the same out of you. Inconsistency is not a great vice.

    Only in last posting, you’ve mentioned as to why you have chosen some actively managed funds for your portfolio and in this posting, the logic of indexing.

    You may neither teach anybody nor have any such intentions.

    Despite your criticism, I’ve no fear in telling that I’m definitely learning from you. There may be few others like me too. I do not need your sympathies in this regard and so please do not feel sorry for the same.

    I don’t need the kind of help you are offering. Polite thanks.

    The very fact that you are thinking about setting up a call centre shows how lucrative your training profession is!

    I thought your origins can be traced to southern part of India and now realise it has got to do something with Japan.

    Given the threat of nuclear radiation, I hope your relatives in Japan are doing fine.

  2. Dear Subramoney,

    What kind of an article is this? You have been writing articles for so many years; why THIS article then. Or has your blog been hacked and hence this article? Please do let the readers and followers of your blog know.

  3. humour is not fully convertible, satire less so and dark humour the rarest of all!
    Please dont alarm people publicly, even if it amuses you privately!

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