Taleb’s latest book is a simple book – with a lot of one liners.

Debashis Basu told me at about 3pm on a Saturday evening about this book. So by 3.01 the decision to buy the book was taken. After some work I managed to reach Twistntales – a cosy book shop in Aundh to buy the book..and found it.

However I did not have to buy it – knowing my taste, the book was already set aside for me to take. Thanks Twistntales. I wish I was half as responsive to my clients needs.

Now coming to the book itself – it is priced at Rs. 250 – so for many people reading this blog – it is a buy, and even if you do not like it too much, there cannot be much regret!

The book is full of one-liners and talks about a various aspects of risk…and you will find me increasingly using it – however you will see it as my status in face-book rather than as articles on this blog.

But here are some which are just too good and reflect a lot of my thoughts too:

– Writing is the art of repeating oneself without anyone noticing.

– Most people write so they can remember things, I write to forget.

-No author should be considered as having failed until he starts teaching others about writing.

– A good maxim allows you to have the last word without even starting a conversation.

Ps: to buy the book click on the link to ‘book written by me’ hot link…u can connect to flipkart…and hope to get a discount.

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  1. Mr.Subra – Read the reviews about this book two weeks ago and went to Eloor library for borrowing it. Was not available yet at Eloor. May be I should buy it today from Landmark or Odyssey.

    Regarding Facebook, I tried creating my profile last week, but had too many emails from FB. So I closed my account.

    Is the presence in FB worth it, both personally and professionally? What is your experience? Or Can I live with out it?

    Believe it or not. I was half way through writing a mail to you asking as to how I can improve original writing skills for my blog.

    Though my blogs are read by many others too, it is primarily meant for connecting with my clients on a regular basis.

    Now I see ” No author should be considered as having failed until he starts teaching others about writing.”

    Forgetting Taleb’s quip for a moment, would it be possible for you to comment or write a separate blog for budding bloggers like me.

  2. FB is a personal choice. From a business point of view it is a no no. I do it without any expectation, but blogging is also like that.

    I guess my school must have helped me write well..I am just lucky. Luck cannot be taught, skill can be. Me doing one more blog is no way….

  3. Subra,

    Amazing what our schools did for us -taught us grammar! I see kids these day using American lingo, but writing skills are super pathetic.

    And you have made a sale for Taleb- me buying it.

    One funny observation – people actually think buying books is waste of money. Dont mind splurging on 5 star dinning or branded clothes.

  4. Well I can see the strong influence of Taleb on you (having read him just 2 days ago!). Broadly speaking all the actions and results are either through luck or randomness only.

    You might have read Ramana or Nisargadatta or Ramesh Balsekar saying the same thing, long before Taleb presenting it to the western world.

    I think I can write reasonably well. This I developed more out of lot of reading not by schooling. My English grades were low and I’ve even been slapped hard by my English teacher for not knowing even some basics of language.

    What I want to know is getting ideas on what to write? Once I can generate an idea or theme, then writing is not that difficult, atleast for the limited purpose of my blog.

    We all learn from others. If you look back, what you are today is shaped and influenced by learning, guidance and experiences from very many people and sources.

    I think people who are good at some thing can provide pointers or road map though in no way they can instil the capability in the other. That is how next generation evolves.

    That’s what I was looking from you. You are both skilful and lucky. If you do not have writing and creative skills, I don’t think we would be visiting subramoney.

    If possible, you may provide some pointers for getting ideas or content for writing.

  5. Purchased the book at Odyssey. They told me that the book is selling well. Went through randomly some of Taleb’s thoughts. Interesting insights.

  6. Damn! beaten again!!
    Good to be inspired by Taleb but a difficult act to follow – in fact not advisable. It requires a particular level of irreverence (or as Taleb says skeptical empiricist) that has its roots in iconoclasm.
    Our education system and society in general on the other hand produces, conformists or at least the comfort of not having to stand out like a sore thumb.Perhaps T N Seshan can be a good role model. Ordinary bureaucrat till he reached a position where his idiosyncrasies became charming!
    On the other hand we could have a strong Vedic base in our system and we could have many more Talebs instead of just one blog.

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