The more I see other industries the more I am convinced that financial mis-selling is causing lesser damage than others. For example a person may end up buying a higher commission product..that is about the worst thing that can happen.

I have heard horror stories from gynaecs about the kind of horror stories in their field..and in general from the medical profession too.

The education field is again full of such stories. I have CVs in my in box from kids who have spent at least a million on getting a ‘MBA’ degree..and cannot find jobs paying more than Rs. 100,000 a YEAR…

read about this fraud here…

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  1. Bingo!!

    You are absolutely right, the highest level of mis-selling in current environment is happening in the healthcare and education sector.

    The example could have been little better though!! Like schools (it starts early) selling dress,shoes,study material at cost of 100% more than market rate, increasing fees randomly at their whim and fancy, taking donations and not giving any receipt for them.
    Healthcare sector – Doctors receiving black money from the diagnostics center for recommending patients etc… etc.. the list is really long.


  2. I am myself a victim of excessive greed of doctors. After operation as suggested by a reputed gynecologist, I experienced severe discomfort and the doctor in question dismissed it saying it was all a figment of imagination.But subsequently when I consulted a cardiologist he was of the opinion that the surgery itself was unnecessary. conflicting opinions! My suffering and discomfort continues.
    In Tamil Nadu it is common practice for colleges to advertise for their college on the basis of campus recruitment which in itself is often rigged.Kids receive appointment letters which are quite often not honored.There seem to be some nexus between the H R department of some companies and colleges.Shameful.

  3. Hi Vani,

    Very sorry to hear about your case. But am sure there many people out there in the same boat. One of the mental rules that i have decided to follow when the time for it comes is – never ever do any planned major surgical or medical procedure without taking a second or possibly third opinion. No, falling prey to “u have no time” logic.

    Did you know even the cycling great Lance Armstrong won’t be living today had he not shown the courage to take a second, third opinion on his life threatening cancer!!

  4. every time i see all this I realize how blessed I am!! My homeopath doc has kept me off medicines for the past 28 years – again a second opinion. Shifted from a allopathic doc to a hom doc.

    Thank you Doctors Dhavale and Sunil Balinge!

  5. like a doc friend says ‘If I am behind in my payments, I can see a block in your heart too’ question is how hard should I see 🙂

  6. super fantastic.. i loved this article. .

    I do not have much idea about the healthcare sector, but the educational side particularly the the MBA part had always intrigued me.

    My opinion is, lot many people go for it without realizing whether they need it. I remembered in one of ur articles (or one of those u keep referring every now and then) the difference between need and affordability when it comes to spending. I somehow feel an anology here.. People just go for it without realizing whether their current profile requires them to..

    I am in the early maturing stage of my career.

  7. SUbra: you stabbed where there are many wounds….


    The students their have just one ambition: owning a Bentley 9999 like car ( naturally owned by the Indian TOM Peters…..and co owner of the sweatshop) …

    GOd bless my country….

  8. One thought – what is so sacrosanct about an AICTE/UGC certification when the head of the MCI is caught taking bribes for giving approval to medical colleges?
    In general a system which relies on a piece of paper for comfort (imagine trusting ALL CFAs because they have completed a course/passed an exam) is merely shifting the arbitrariness to the people providing the certification.
    Reminds me about the comment on the (banking) regulator!
    Mis-selling thus becomes inbuilt into the system.

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