Here is an article which almost looks suspicious because it is in The Economist. Also coming at a time when Mr. Ratan Tata is being badgered by the media this is a nice article.

Read on…it is the way I am an unabashed admirer of the group…my Mom grew up @ Jamshedpur and still loves that Dad’s portfolio has almost all the Tata group shares…so here is a caveat!!

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  1. the good thing is the Tata group has learnt how to play the system as it obtains currently whilst not letting go of its core principles.
    Also in todays world one needs to shout about ones achievements – PR is merely using some one else’s voice to do it.
    If your read BS and Sunil Jain his outright bias for Bharti and against tata tele is patent. So if the Economist article is for Tatas , it would seem two can play this game.
    Ratan Tata seems to be showing the bloody mindedness to survive in our wild west country. More power to him.(remember Dilip Pendse?)

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