I hate giving tips…and hate people asking for tips. When a person who does not know me from adam sends a mail saying “I have L&T bought at 1485…what should I do now?”.  Sorry, I can only delete the mail. I need to know a person before I can recommend anything to him or her. Sorry I am made that way.

However, I do have a portfolio – Coromandel International is one share and it is a significant value in my wife’s portfolio and my Dad’s portfolio. Theoretically I can say I personally have only 2500 shares, but the other portfolios have more, much more. This is my disclaimer – I actually need not give it – my influence is insignificant, and legally it is not necessary..:-) but just by way of abundant caution..

I was always convinced Coro Int is a good buy because of the foreign tie ups for raw material, strict cost control, understanding the markets, etc. Have held this share from a ridiculously low price..so here is an article. If you think it is a plant, so be it..



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  1. Thanks for the post. I did research on the company & yes, I did buy some of it.. thnks… Just wanted to check what time horizon u plan to keep it…

  2. rahul

    my holding period is normally forever. The first time I bought coro was in 1986 or 88! Have bought it many times after that, as well as sold when I thought the prices were too high. So I frankly do not have a time frame…

  3. gotcha…. keep up the gud work….

    any more suggestions coming straight from the horse’s mouth.. 🙂

    it really helps.. at least we get to know whom to research upon…
    difficult fr people to do the regular work and research stocks also….

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