if you are an investment adviser…or a coach..there are 2-3 topics which get close to one’s heart

1. the most efficient use of one’s money and

2. start early and the power of compounding

today’s Indian Express carries an article on Rent vs. Buy – funnily no Indian website carries a rent vs. buy calculator taking all Indian costs into account. (Sadly there is no renter’s insurance in India, but you can take householder’s insurance)

Buy or Rent?

www.indianexpress.com   –   the link does not seem to be working

Buy or Rent? – It is sacrilegious to say Do not buy a house and there is a good chance that I would get lynched for saying such a huge change of view.

the second article is about investing for retirement. To see a kid aged 23 investing for retirement (not sure why Babar of ET Wealth keeps saying saving for retirement) s a great pleasure (Madhuri Jaiswal…see lovely foto!)…

ET Wealth: Your road map to retirement – Page2 – The Economic Times

economictimes.indiatimes.com – the link does not seem to be working

with inputs from ‘Retire Rich Invest Rs. 40 a day’. A surprisingly large number of girls have read and commented about the book…Vasudha Sharma, Pooja patel, Po.oja Ra.ne, Madhuri Jaiswal, Shilpa Dhobale, Priti Tanwar,…am I missing out anybody….not sure….

So a feel good day…

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