I have always asked myself this question: Why do people work?

Money, Fame, Success, Recognition…? – frankly all this is just an outward manifestation, is it not?

We work to feel good about ourselves.Simple feel good factor.

We have to like the place, the people, the atmosphere, ….in short we have to be happy at work. We stay on in relationships at home – and may require extreme provocation to change things. However at work we may seek changes for small provocations, or generally a feeling of needing change.

Of course younger people in their first jobs think of a new place being utopia and the existing place being bad! This of course is because they have no prior ‘corporate’ experience.

Rejection is a tough thing to handle – right from a sales rejection, to a dating rejection…how do you convert a rejection to become a force to push ahead in life? Well Harvard to the rescue!


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