buy only from a branded store….after all in order to protect their image they will ensure that they keep only good things.

buy only branded goods..after all in order to protect their image they will ensure good quality

go only to a branded hospital…blah blah blah

the HIGHER the price, the better the brand…

well for all those who believe that big organizations are more careful, and the smaller guys will cheat…well some of us do not believe it.

I have seen taxi drivers driving their own taxis better behaved than ‘branded’ taxis. Do believe that a doctor who wants me to go back to him will deal with me better…completely convinced that you are better off dealing with the OWNER who is interested in the business instead of dealing with a faceless ‘big brand’ service provider.  Does not matter if it is health services, wealth services, grocery…..

Not convinced?

Well here is a bank which has audit, ‘ETHICS workshops, Investigations, surprise checks, internal controls……see what they did to their HNI customer’s money:

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Absolutely right Subra..
    But the brand of Citibank always had a bad reputation..
    So, maybe brands helps , in a negative way!!

  2. Subra sir,

    A sincere request.

    Please change your RSS feed to include the whole post instead of just a small summary. It is very inconvenient to open the blog every time I want to read a post.


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