In the year 1984 Indira Gandhi was killed ….no I am not saying anything about that dastardly act.

However what followed that was a systematic massacre of innocent sikhs which was conveniently dubbed as ‘riots’ – and the mobs were led by a bunch of Congress hooligans some of whom are of course still in power.

When a banyan tree falls…the earth below that has to  spake Rajiv Gandhi..who was himself killed in Chennai in a few years time.

One drop of blood should reach every Sikh…or something to this effect was said by the angry not so young man Mr. Amitabh Bachhan…sure he will pay a price, we do not know when.

Sajjan Kumar, Tytler, HKL Bhagat…were all the accused. Listen to this woman who has deposed…

have some shame MMS..

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  1. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Unless people are treated as individuals & not as part of some group these sorts of evil things will always happen..Somebody from my ethnic, racial, religious, national community will commit some crime somewhere in the world and I, who was not even aware that such a crime has been committed, will be punished for it. This is the height of injustice.. All collectivists and people whose hearts bleed for “Society”, “Community” and “Humanity” and forget about the individual should reflect upon the evil that their ideas can create…

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    “”Communists” are also a community? Just asking'””
    I do not understand your question..
    Communists are the epitome of what are known as “”Collectivists””
    They deride individual effort and tend to focus on groups of people..
    All individual effort, initiative or enterprise is anathema to them..
    I was reading some Marxist magazine recently, and do you know what was the main thing this particular ( Tamil ) magazine was opposing?.. Self-help books!!..
    Granted, some self-help books are dreadful, but they oppose the very idea of an individual trying to better oneself..

  3. This attitude of the ruling party (for many years) of doing as they please and breaking rules and laws and justifying them is the reason for many ills that plague our country today. Our current system of delayed justice (if at all) compounds the problems and ensures that these criminals continue to get elected, re-elected and loot the people.

    Inaction doesnt absolve you MMS !!

  4. I repeated this somewhere before and am doing it again.

    Josef Stalin, is the largest killer in 20th Century. And he killed his own countrymen. If you start reading about Kulags, Red Army, etc. you will go mad & it’s an eye-opener. Due to his (part) efforts in WW-II, he is not as much admonished, as he should have.

    I believe, Communism is good in theory. All those who practise(d) Communism (even in India, political killings are most in West Bengal and Kerala, despite having good general Law & Order otherwise), have blood in their hands & not much to write home about for development. Not sure what to blame – the theory itself or those who practised it. May be, communism corrupts the mind who practises it. That’s the only inference, one can make till now.

  5. @NPR – “I believe, Communism is good in theory” – I am afraid a lot of the beliefs in the world (religions being most prominent) are very regressive. Let me ask you to try the single most important tool that led to human progress – REASON. Communism is irrational.

    Good news is Beliefs are subject to change as well 🙂

  6. @Maaran. Religion, per se, is not bad. Yes, it can be mis-used as Communism. But Communism has been most mis-used, wherever it was practised. I would not blame (unequivocally) Religion that way.

    I would say, Asian countries have not had major civil wars, despite hunger & poverty in the last 5 centuries, is because of the influence of region in these parts (Hinduism, Buddhism set of beliefs). Compare it to Africa now or even developed countries like USA. Crime is more in these countries, despite scoring higher on development meters. Mind needs to be calmed. Religion can play a role, if used properly and there are instances (like Asia) as cited, where it has played a largely effective role. (But, yes, it can be and has been mis-used).

    Alas, no more arguments here. We are digressing.

  7. @NPR, I find it utterly hypocritical when people argue for socialism & worse yet communism on the open INTERNET 🙂 I will perhaps make an exception if you are from Cuba or Venezuela.

    I don’t know where you are from. You see in India in the name of relgion we slaughtered about a million people around 1947, a few ten thousand again in 1984 (care to look at the blogpost you commented on?) and a few thousand in 2002.

    You don’t really think poverty/hunger are a blessing, do you? Who/what brought hunger & poverty upon the masses? Please pause & think.

  8. @Subra. Sorry am drawn into this argument. No more post again :)-

    @Maaran. Yes, the instances you cited were because of mis-using Religion as tool. However, without Religion calming minds, things would be far worse otherwise. How about Anarchy ? The alternative (to not having religion) is far worse.
    But, as far as Communism is concerned, there are better alternatives.

  9. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Richard Dawkins defines religion as “A belief system without evidence or even contrary to evidence.. ”

    In such a case, Communism can be definitely classified as a religion.. Its a set of beliefs contrary to evidence..

    However most of the Eastern religions have definitely evidence (especially regarding the nature of the mind, which Modern Science is just discovering..)on their side and cannot be classified as religions..

    For Example.

  10. The discussion seems diverted, issue here is killing & murder in the name of riots. 84 was sad….there were riots in past and even after that. More than religion & communalism…it is less education, less informed people, less empowered people, less understanding of issues…which is more responsible. How can a politician or for that matter religious gurus/ community leaders can provoke you if you know the issue. I may have a ideology, but why to kill anyone to prove that.

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